Growing Guavas (Pisidium )

Guavas are small trees or shrubs with leathery leaves and a bark that peels easily from the branches. They are native to tropical America. The fruits are round, ripening from green to yellow or red. They are very acidic and are full of hard round seeds.

Note: In the UK it will be very difficult to get the fruit to ripen. However, they do make a very attractive ornamental plant.


Desert - P. cattleianum - Strawberry Guava - slightly sweeter reddish-purple, plum size fruit.

Soil Conditions and Siting

Guavas will grow in any soil as long as it is moisture retentive and well drained. They require a lot of sunshine so it is best to plant under glass or in a container in a sunny, sheltered place or against a south facing wall.


Plant bushes 15ft (5m) apart.



An annual mulch of well-rotted manure is normally sufficient. This will help to keep the moisture in the ground as well.


Ensure that the plant is well watered, this is particularly important during its first year of growth.


Nip out top shoots to keep the plants bushy.


Protect from frost.


Pick fruits when ripe.

Pests and Diseases

Birds, Aphids. (See pests and diseases section for prevention's and cures. This is accessed via the Main Index Page)


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